Angel Number 489 may be an indication that some situations and circumstances are coming to a close or end in your life so that new opportunities may arise for youto take advantage of for your long-term benefit, and for the betterment of others.Carefully examine your life and rid yourself of anything that drains your energy or holds you back in any way. Discern what needs to change and/or leave your life and take action to make it so. Angel Number 489 may also be a message regarding your career and lifestyle choices. You may feel prompted to be of service to others and humanity in general. If youare considering taking up a spiritually-based career, profession and/or practiceor service-based venture, Angel Number 489 is an indication that now is the ideal time to pursue yourpassions. The angels support and guide you as you focus your energies on your life purpose as a lightworker. You are on the right path in all ways in your life, and theangels urge you to continue with enthusiasm and passion as you are teaching others by serving as a positive example. The angels see and know of your hidden, natural talents and encourage you to work in a profession that incorporates your natural interests and life purpose. Only you can fulfill your soul mission, so have faith and trust that you have all the abilities, skills and talents you need to fulfill your lightworkingdestiny.

Number 489 is a compilation of the vibrations and attributes of number 4 and number 8, and the energies of number 9. Number 4relates to practicality and application,endurance and hard work, responsibility and traditional values, honesty and integrity, diligence and determination to successfully achieve goals. Number 4 also relatesto your passion and purpose, and the energies of the Archangels. Number 8 resonates with personal power and authority, truth and integrity, dependabilityand self-reliance, material freedom, inner-wisdom, giving and receiving, the concept of karma and the Universal Spiritual Law of Karma, and manifesting wealth andabundance. Number 9 relates to the Universal Spiritual Laws, a higher perspective, leading life as a positive example for others,benevolence and altruism, tolerance and humility, serving humanity, philanthropy and lightworking. Number 9 also denotes endings and conclusions.

Number 489 relates to number 3 (4+8+9=21, 2+1=3) and Angel Number 3.