Angel Number 357 tells you thatan important key to personal growth is to be willing to know your true values, principles, beliefs and life lessons. Closely examine your inner-thoughts and feelings and accept your own power and purpose. Take full responsibility for yourself and your choices and actions. Stand strong in your beliefs and do not allow others to negatively influence you in any way. Accept yourself for who you are and make life changes according to your true essence. Angel Number 357 is a message to trust your intuitive urges and promptings and confidently follow its directions as you are being guided towards the next steps ofyour life pathandsoul mission. Your angels are whispering encouragement and asking you to have faith in yourinner-wisdomand soul urgings. Expect wonderfulchanges in many ways. The angels are helping you to heal and release any self-sabotaging behaviour or thoughts so that you can be of service to others unhindered.

Number 357 is comprised of the energies and attributes of number 3, the vibrations of number 5 and the influences of number 7. Number 3 brings growth and manifesting, expansion,sensitivity, self-expression and communication, creativity, joy and optimism. Number 3 also relates to the Ascended Masters.Number 5 encourages us to be true to ourselves and live our lives accordingly, and resonates with personal freedom, lifechanges and making positive life choices and decisions, variety, adaptability and versatility, resourcefulness, motivation, activity and progress. Number 7resonates with inner-knowing and understanding others, compassion and empathy, dignity and refinement, spiritual awakening, development and enlightenment, endurance and persistence ofpurpose, study, learning and education.

Number 357 relates to number 6 (3+5+7=15, 1+5=6) and Angel Number 6.