Angel Number 338 is an auspicious message about positive abundance and prosperity. The angels and Ascended Masters are helping you to be open and receptive tothe flow of infinite Universal abundance. Know that you deserve your ‘good’ - but you must be open to receiving it as per the law of ‘giving and receiving’. Put your'plenty’ to good use and remember that the more you have, the more you have to share with others, continuing the flow of positive energies and abundance. Angel Number 338 is a message to have faith in the power of the angels and Masters as they ensure that you reap your spiritual and karmic rewards. Prosperity will enter your life in many ways, some of them most unexpected. The angels are emphasizing that you watch your thoughts right now as you will manifest them into reality. Ensure that you only think positive and uplifting thoughts,rather than negative thoughts or expectations. You get what you expect so make sure you radiate positive energy, always.

Number 338 is a compilation of the energies of number 3 appearing twice, amplifying its attributes and resonating with Master Number 33, and the attributes of number 8. Number 3relates to optimism and joy, inspiration and creativity, self-expression and communication, imagination andintelligence, sociability and society, energy, growth and expansion and the principles of increase, spontaneity, encouragement and assistance, talent and skills. Number3 is also the number of the Ascended Masters.MasterNumber 33 symbolizes the principle of guidance, compassion, blessings, the teacher of teachers, martyrdom, inspiration, honesty, discipline, bravery, courage and the spiritual uplifting of humankind. Number 8relates tomanifesting positive abundance,business and material acumen, personal power and authority, a desire for peace and a love of humanity and world transformation, discernment and good judgement, giving and receiving, the UniversalSpiritual Law of Cause and Effect (the Law of Karma) and the concept of Karma.

Number 338 relates to number 5 (3+3+8=14, 1+4=5) and Angel Number 5.