Angel Number 1468 tells of self-management and achieving success and abundance due to your personal efforts, intentions and actions. Your financial flow isdetermined by your attitude and expectations, therefore, stay positive and optimistic about your material and financial aspects. Maintain a positive mind-set as theseenergies help to manifest your continued supply of abundance. Angel Number 1468 is a message from your angels that your material possessions and your life in general are in need of de-cluttering. Get rid of the old that no longerpositively serves you, to make way for the new. If you have intentions of selling something of material value,Angel Number 1468 may be indicating that the items/swill leave your life quickly and easily and exciting ‘new’ will enter to take its place. Angel Number 1468 also indicates that you have worked hard to achieve your goals and now is the time to reap your well-earned rewards. Many blessings of all kindshave manifested to aid and assist you along your path and to help you fulfill your soul mission, and these rewards are well-deserved. Have no fears or worries aboutyour finances and/or monetary situation as all of your needs will be met. Enjoy and be grateful for your blessings, and as with the law of giving and receiving, shareyour plenty with others. Angel Number 1468 resonates with reaping karmic rewards due to your patience and persistence and the honest work you have put towards achieving your goals. Theserewards will ensure that all of your material wants and needs are supplied, giving you a life of abundance and plenty. You can expect an influx of income, a pay-rise,promotion and/or a positive career change soon.

Number 1468 is a combination of the vibrations and attributes of number 1 and number 4, and the energies and influences of number 6 and number 8.Number 1 lends itsvibrations of creation, fresh starts and new beginnings, positivity and open-mindedness, attainment, fulfilment and success. Number 1 also tells us that we create ourown realities with our thoughts, beliefs and action. Number 4 resonates with working steadily towards goals and aspirations with practicality, system and order, self-initiation, building solid foundations and enthusiasm coupled with determination. Number 4 also relates to the energies of the Archangels. Number 6 adds itsvibrations of love of home, family and domesticity, honesty and integrity, responsibility, compassion and empathy, finding solutions, provision and providing and thematerial aspects of life. Number 8 adds its vibrations of inner-wisdom and personal power, manifesting wealth, abundance and prosperity, dependability andreliability, skills and talents, achieving success, giving and receiving and the concept of karma;the Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect.

Number 1468 relates to number 1 (1+4+6+8=19, 1+9-10, 1+0=1) and Angel Number 1.