Angel Number 1463 indicates that the diligence and determination you have shown in regards to providing for your family’s wants and needs has manifested in youattracting your well-earned rewards and your goals and desires coming to fruition. Know that your needs will be met due to your diligence and determination tosucceed. Your angels ask you to release any feelings or fears of loss or lack and trust that your monetary issues will be sorted for your highest good and you will have allthat need, when you need it. Keep a positive and optimistic attitude and outlook and be grateful and appreciative for all that you have, and all you are yet to receive. Angel Number 1463 is a message that your excellent work has manifested a continued supply of abundance into your life. Give any fears or concerns about yourfinancial situation to the Heavens and have faith that the angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters are working behind the scenes to ensure that you will always haveenough to sustain and maintain you and your lifestyle. Everything you need comes to you in the perfect time, space and sequence. Working with the angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters gives you the opportunity to develop wisdom, strengthen self-understanding and find solutions by connectingwith your inner-light. Focus upon your life’s purpose which involves bringing joy, love and peace to your own life and to the lives of others. Utilizing your personal will is allowing thepassion, enthusiasm and joy that is in you to be expressed in the direction you have chosen for your soul mission.

Number 1463 is a combination of the energies and attributes of number 1 and number 4, and the influences and vibrations of number 6 and number 3. Number 1 lends itsvibrations of fresh starts and new beginnings, positivity and open-mindedness, fulfilment and success. Number 1 tells us that we create our own realities with ourthoughts, beliefs and action and encourages us to step in the direction of our desires with courage and conviction. Number 4 relates to hard work and determination,will and effort, practicality and ability, building solid foundations, system and order, and reliability and dependability. Number 4 also resonates with the energies of theArchangels. Number 6 relates to possessions, status and the monetary aspects, service and domesticity, home and family, love and nurturing, responsibility andreliability, honesty and integrity, problem-solving and solution-finding. Number 3 adds self-expression and communication, optimism and enthusiasm, skills and talents,friendliness and sociability, growth, expansion and the principles of increase. Number 3 also carries the vibrations of the Ascended Masters and indicates that they are

Number 1463 relates to number 5 (1+4+6+3=14, 1+4=5) and Angel Number 5.