Angel Number 1140 encourages you to put your efforts and focus towards your long-term goals and aspirations. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and overalloutlook are being boosting by your angels so that you can continue to manifest all that you want and need in your life. Building strong foundations from well-laid plansensures future progress, stability and success, and your angels encourage you to work with your passion and drive. Angel Number 1140 encourages progressive change, growth and development, and asks you to share your knowledge and wisdom with others. Begin worthwhileprojects now that will bring long-term benefits and future success. If you take action with caution and wisdom you will be successful in business, money matters andlife in general. What you put your efforts towards will reap long-term rewards. Angel Number 1140 may suggest that your desired outcome and/or result will occur in the very near future. Have faith, trust and patience, and do not try to force thingsto happen. Allow the angels and Universal Energies to work things out for your highest good. Angel Number 1140 is a sign from your angels that they are there to assist you with manifesting your true desires. You have worked hard and you deservethem.

Number 1140 is made up of the energies of number 1 (appearing twice, doubling its influences) and the vibrations of number 4 and number 0. Number 1 encouragesself-leadership and assertiveness, initiative, taking positive action, new beginnings and taking a fresh approach. Number 1 also relates to motivation, striving forwardand progress, and reminds us that we create our own realities with our thoughts, beliefs and actions.Two number 1's appearing together relate to the Master Number 11. The karmic Master Teacher number 11 relates to the principles of spiritual awakening andenlightenment, illumination, high energy, creative idealism, inspiration and intuition, self-expression and sensitivity, and mysticism. Master Number 11 tells us that toconnect with our higher-selves is to know and live our Divine life purpose and soul mission.Number 4 relates to practicality and application, hard work andresponsibility, traditional values, honesty and integrity, diligence and determination to successfully achieve goals. Number 4 also relates to our drive, passion andpurpose in life.Number 0 magnifies and amplifies the energies and attributes of the numbers it appears with, and resonates with the Universal and ‘God force’Energies. Number 0 stands for potential and/or choice, and is a message to do with developing one’s spiritual aspects and is considered to represent the beginning of a

Number 1140 relates to number 6 (1+1+4+0=5) and Angel Number 6.